Warak Enab (Stuffed Grape Leaves)

For me and my kids is our favorite dish,  the look and the taste that you can't resist.  The serving plate that contains the Waraq Enab will be empty after a short time! Everyone concerned about providing healthy diet for the whole family especially the kids. So, Waraq Enab (Stuffed Grape Leaves) is the best... Continue Reading →


Shrimp wonton

In Cantonese cuisine, shrimp filled wonton within minced pork is most commonly served with thin noodles to make wonton noodles. It may also be consumed with red vinegar. The soup is made from boiling shrimp shells, pork bones and dried flounder to give it a distinct taste. Hong Kong wontons were introduced to the area... Continue Reading →

Shrimp dumpling

At dim sum houses, the server with the steamed crystal shrimp dumplings, commonly known as “xia jiao” or “har gow” in Cantonese, is always the most popular person on the floor. I’ll even dare to stick my neck out and claim that har gow might be the #1 dim sum item of all time. At least, I wouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Roasted Garlic White Sauce

This is probably one of my favorite sauces. For pizza, for pasta, for chicken, for drinking straight out the saucepan. It's super versatile so you can tweak it to your liking. I've known people to throw in a pinch of cayenne pepper even. You only need a handful of pantry-essential ingredients which most of us... Continue Reading →


Ah, the good, ol' bowl of ramen. Has been the lifesaver to poor students around the world, much like I used to be. Never mind that the soup is actually a mixture of smashed pork leg bones, dried fish eyes, innards and seaweed. Wait, seaweed? Yeah why not. Somehow this amalgamation of gross adds up to steamy hot goodness. Apparently the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Who would've thunk?

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